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Plenty on offer at Ignition Casino

One of the best things about the Ignition Casino Poker site is that there is a wide range of tournaments to take part in. You can take your pick of Texas Hold`Em tournaments, Shootout tournaments, Knockout tournaments, and Heads-up tournaments. Ignition Casino Poker even features anonymous tables, which use numbers instead of names to identify players, to enhance your playing opportunities. There are also weekly events and competitions like the King of The Felt event where players can pick up $1,000 on a weekly basis. In addition to the financial aspect, there are also the kudos benefits that come with winning games against your fellow poker players and this is definitely something that appeals to many poker players.




When it comes to online poker play, there is a lot to be said for getting into the action as quickly as possible. This is why a lot of people will be delighted to learn that Ignition Casino Poker offers an instant play option. There is no need to download software to play the poker games and the good news is, the software is compatible with Mac, Windows and all other operating systems. When you don’t have time to waste, make sure you enjoy online poker when you want it with Ignition Casino.

Another very positive aspect of the Ignition Casino site is the fact that there is a mobile option for players. At the time of review, September 2017, Ignition Casino is the only US poker site that provides a mobile friendly version of their site. This sounds incredible because the internet thrives on mobile options these days, and this is an aspect that provides Ignition a clear advantage over other US friendly sites.

Poker players who think that they can multitask should be interested in the Ignition Casino Poker facility that allows players to play on 20 tables simultaneously. This may seem like a lot and not everyone will want to play on so many tables but if you are capable of playing a few games of poker at one time, Ignition Casino Poker will enable you to double up if you wish. Even when playing on a number of tables, the graphics are smooth and can be easily seen so there is no reason to worry about a loss of clarity in playing more than one game at a time.

The Ignition Casino Poker welcome bonus



New players on the Ignition site can enjoy up to $2,000 in welcome bonuses on the site. The bonus is split into two, with players having the chance to collect up to a $1,000 bonus for the poker section of the site and up to a $1,000 bonus for the casino section.

Once you make your initial deposit on the poker section of Ignition Casino, you will receive a 100% bonus of this and any additional deposits you make in the initial 24 hours of your time on site, up to the value of $1,000. You unlock this poker bonus by downloading poker software from the site and players have 30 days to collect Poker Points. The bonus is paid out the day after a player hits a certain level of player points.

When a player hits 15 points, they receive a bonus of $5 and when a player reaches 85 Poker Points, they receive a further bonus of $20, taking them up to a total bonus of $25. This pattern continues, as can be seen in the figures below, all the way until a player earns 10,000 Poker Points, receiving a bonus of $350, taking them to the maximum bonus of $1,000.

  • 15 Poker Points earns a bonus of $5 for a total bonus of $5
  • 85 Poker Points earns a bonus of $20 for a total bonus of $25
  • 185 Poker Points earns a bonus of $25 for a total bonus of $50
  • 400 Poker Points earns a bonus of $50 for a total bonus of $100
  • 1,000 Poker Points earns a bonus of $100 for a total bonus of $200
  • 2,500 Poker Points earns a bonus of $200 for a total bonus of $400
  • 5,000 Poker Points earns a bonus of $250 for a total bonus of $650
  • 10,000 Poker Points earns a bonus of $350 for a total bonus of $1,000

With respect to the casino element of the bonus, there is a 25 times play-through requirement before the player can withdraw the deposit, the bonus amount of any of the winnings. The site regularly updates the contribution certain games have with respect to their play-through requirements, so check this to make sure you are receiving maximum utility from the games you play on site.

Poker games and tournaments



While bonuses, promotions and deposit methods are important factors for a poker site, for many players, the true mark of quality for a poker site is what poker games and tournaments it offers.

On the Ignition Casino site, you will find that Fixed Limit, Pot Limit and No Limit Hold ‘Em games are on offer while you can also enjoy Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo games. There has also been the addition of 7 Card Stud so there is a touch of variety to the gaming options provided by Ignition Casino for poker players, and this is always good to see.

Rake Structure at Ignition Casino Poker’s Cash Tables
Limit Type Blinds Players Rake per Pot Max Rake
No Limit & Pot Limit $0.01/$0.02-$0.10/$0.25 2 $0.01 per $0.20 $0.50
No Limit & Pot Limit $0.01/$0.02-$0.10/$0.25 3-4 $0.01 per $0.20 $1
No Limit & Pot Limit $0.01/$0.02-$0.10/$0.25 5+ $0.01 per $0.20 $2
No Limit & Pot Limit $0.10/$0.25-$10.00/$20.00 2 $0.01 per $0.20 $1
No Limit & Pot Limit $0.10/$0.25-$10.00/$20.00 3 $0.01 per $0.20 $2
No Limit & Pot Limit $0.10/$0.25-$10.00/$20.00 4-5 $0.01 per $0.20 $3
No Limit & Pot Limit $0.10/$0.25-$10.00/$20.00 6+ $0.01 per $0.20 $4

All heads-up games, where players play one versus one, have rake of $0.01 for every $0.20 in the pot, where the maximum rake is capped at $1.

Zone Poker

Ignition Casino Zone PokerIt is good to get in the zone and poker players on the Ignition Casino site have every opportunity to get in the zone with a range of poker tournaments and big games.

One of the biggest thrills a poker player can get is when they look at the cards they have received and feel confident about the hand that they hold. Many players feel a genuine rush of adrenaline at this point, and it can become a very exciting feature of poker play. When you play Zone Poker on Ignition Casino, you play poker faster and see more cards and hands.

If you don’t have time to waste, you will love the fact that as soon as you fold a hand when playing Zone Poker, you are directly moved to a different table with new cards and players.

Some of the most popular features of Zone Poker include:

  • Having a CHECK/FOLD NOW and FOLD button – which means players can fold their hand at a much faster rate
  • A significant reduction in the time allowed between hands which means you can see more cards and less time is wasted
  • When a player folds or their hand comes to an end, there is an animation indicating the player transitioning to the next table and hand

As soon as there is a full table of players and the table is full, Zone Poker games get underway. If you are familiar with standard cash games on Ignition Casino, Zone Poker games are played in the same manner, only faster.

There is however a change when it comes to calculating the big blind. With new players coming in for every hand, the big blind is determined by the following order:

  • A player that is yet to play the big blind, which will be a new player engaging with their first hand or a player that has been involved with the game but hasn’t yet paid the big blind
  • The player that has gone the longest period of time without having paid a big blind
  • If there is more than player that meets this criteria, one of these players will be randomly assigned

Players have a total of 15 seconds to act in Zone Poker, and this is half the amount of time of a standard cash game.

All of which means you get to enjoy a lot more poker action when you are in the Zone!

The $100k guaranteed Sunday poker tournament

Ignition Casino Poker $100k GuaranteedIf you are looking for the biggest weekly tournament on the Ignition Casino poker site, the $100k Guaranteed Sunday Poker tournament is the game for you. The action starts at 4PM ET every Sunday. With a guaranteed prize pool of $100,000 on offer, there is a first place prize of $17,000 (at least), so there is a huge incentive to make time for this poker event every week.

You can buy in directly to the action (at a cost of $162), you can convert your Poker Points or you can try and play your way to the big tournament with qualification spots available from as little as $1.

Sit & Go tournaments

Ignition Casino Poker Sit & Go TournamentsA lot of poker players love sit and go tournament action and you can join in the fun on the Ignition Casino site. There is a selection of games on offer, including Omaha and Texas Hold ‘Em and once you have made your choice, you can choose the amount of players you want to face in your tournament. This can run from two players all the way through to 45 players, so there is an option for everyone.

There is a range of buy-in options available to choose from, starting at $1.10 and going all the way up to $1.25. The following sit and go tournaments are very popular on the Ignition Casino site:

  • Double Stack: Play your way to success with a double stack of starting chips
  • Satellite: Play your way into one of the major tournaments held on site
  • Turbo: Feel the need for speed with poker play at a faster blind level
  • Double Up: If you make your way through half the field, you get to double your buy-in
  • Triple Up: Players that make it into the top third of players will triple their buy-in
  • Hyper Turbo: This is the fastest action on the Ignition Casino site so play for high octane thrills and spills

Make your name with Ignition Casino

There are also satellite events taking place on the Ignition Casino Poker site which could give you the opportunity to head to the WSOP. Any poker player that fancies their chances of making it at the major tournaments can see their dream come true by playing regularly on the Ignition Casino site. It is not as if entering these satellite events is a guarantee of success and entering the big leagues but having the opportunity to play with big-name poker players is a big draw for many players.

Ignition has a lot of promotions too

Promotions are essential in making poker players feel as though they belong on a site and the Ignition Casino Poker site delivers a few cracking reasons to check out their poker offerings.

Stay up to date with news hot off the press

Latest News Off the PressAnother really strong point from the Ignition Casino Poker site is that they provide plenty of gossip and news about poker events and tournaments in their Hot Off the Press section, which is brilliant if you have a keen interest in the game. With poker being such a popular game these days, there is a high level of interest in the activities, the players and the big name tournaments that take place these days. There are many celebrities and star name players that can be found in the poker community these days and a lot of people like to read what is going on in the game.

Enhance your playing skills

In addition to the gossip and news, Ignition Casino Poker also provides a lot of hints, tips and playing strategies to help players get up to speed with their online poker playing. Given that many people have taken to poker in recent times, these playing tips and techniques are great to ensure that players can get their skills up to scratch as quickly as possible.

Ignition Casino Poker has Bitcoin too

BitcoinEven though most online poker players are looking at the possibility of receiving money through winnings, there is a need to deposit funds into the account. There are a number of ways to make deposits to the Ignition Casino site with the traditional Visa, and Mastercard options being firm favorites on the Ignition Casino site. There is also another payment method available which is Bitcoin, to ensure that all players can fund their accounts because anyone should be able to buy Bitcoins.


Withdrawing is ‘only’ possible with a check by mail, which has a waiting time of 5-10 business days. There is an exception for players using Bitcoin as they are able to make free withdrawals which are processed once every three days. Ignition Casino Poker has a minimum withdrawal limit of $100, and a maximum withdrawal limit of $3,000 for checks, while Bitcoin withdrawals have a minimum limit of $20, and a maximum limit of $9,500.

We recommend depositing at Ignition Casino Poker with Bitcoin, for the additional bonuses and the perks that come with withdrawing your winnings.

Customer support

Like most casino and poker sites, Ignition Casino understands the importance of good customer support. Players can contact the site by a Live Chat facility, by email, by phone or by letter. The site also offers a good standard of FAQs which will hopefully help resolve some issues.

Ignition Casino Poker Support
Live ChatYesTelephone1-855-370-0600
Support by Web FormYesE-mailservice@ignitioncasino.eu
Ignition Casino Poker Website Homepage

With a weekly cashback offer and big prizes available for players, there is certainly a lot for Ignition Casino Poker players to enjoy on their time on site. There may not be too much variation and no mention of instant play poker for players but there is certainly something of interest for everyone on the Ignition Casino site. Even though the Ignition Casino Poker site is a fairly decent one and a site you can return to time and time again, it just falls short on some issues when compared to other sites. This means that the Ignition Casino Poker site gets a score of 85/100.