Please Read Carefully Before Contacting Us!

Casino operators & affiliate managers

We would like to emphasize that all approaches with requests to list online gambling sites – this includes casino, poker, sports betting sites and all other gambling variations – on our site will be neglected. members of our team will usually be present at the largest online gambling focused industry events every year and that’s where we decide whom we’re going to recommend to our visitors.

In case you believe we would make an exception for your site, be sure to know that we won’t and that the Gambling Sites’ policy is to ignore any of these requests and proposals. We specifically want to tell you not to approach us over the phone; that alone will put your brand’s name on our ignore list and terminate all future options.

Casino website webmasters

First and foremost, please note that links on Gambling Sites are not for sale, no matter the circumstances, no matter the price.

Gambling Sites provides links to resources that could be valuable to our visitors. These are hand picked by our content team and for our own convenience, any requests for guest content and or link exchanges will be ignored.

All qualified content requests

We usually reply inquiries within 72 hours, but from time to time exceptions to this rule may occur.