Deposit Options

BankingWhile there are many things that a player should look for in an online gaming site, a casino site or even an online poker site, one of the most important things is the range of deposit options provided by the site. Quite simply, if you cannot find a suitable way to add money to your account, you are not going to enjoy the full range of benefits provided by an online gaming site.

This means that the deposit options provided by a site rank extremely highly when it comes to a player’s final decision. This is why we are happy to go over the full range of deposit options in great detail, to ensure that you feel as confident and as knowledgeable about your options as possible.

Credit cards

Credit cards have long been acceptable for online gaming and gambling sites. In fact, for a lengthy period of time, using a credit card was the only way that people would be able to deposit funds into their account. This is no longer the case and there are now many ways in which a player can deposit funds into their online account, but credit cards remain one of the most popular options when it comes to depositing funds into your account.

While there are many different credit cards to choose from, there are of course some common names in the sector. Brands like VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club are instantly recognized by mot people and you will see these options available on the vast majority of sites.

Online wallets

Online casinos, online poker sites, and online sportsbooks have all benefitted from the quick and reliable emergence of the internet, online transactions and the growing confidence in spending money online. However, online gaming sites are not the only businesses that have prospered in the modern era, online wallets are also regarded as major firms and reliable options in the present day. These online wallets provided a safe and convenient way for people to store all of their relevant financial details and information in one place. This means that the consumer only has to remember the password and details for this account as opposed to having a wide range of accounts for every online store or every online gaming site they wish to play on.

As you’d expect, there is a vast array of online wallet options for people to choose from but there are some options that are more common or familiar than others.

Pre-paid cards

As the name suggests, pre-paid cards allow the user to place an amount of money onto their card and then use this card as the basis for their funds. These cards can be used in a variety of outlets but they have become a very popular option for online gamers. There is a convenience to these cards but there is also the fact that using a pre-paid card allows players to set themselves a limit or will prevent them from tapping into the rest of their money.

Anyone looking to ensure they don’t overspend when online gaming will find that obtaining a pre-paid card, topping up to a certain level and then only using that card on online gaming sites will ensure that they never exceed the amount of money that they want to spend when playing. For this reason alone, pre-paid cards are a fantastic option that meets the needs of players, which means that online gaming sites are also happy to encourage the use of these cards.

There is, of course, an obvious limitation with pre-paid cards in that the vast majority are not be used to withdraw money on to. This means a player will have a pre-paid card and a banking solution that allows them to collect funds on their gaming account, and this is something that not every player will be happy with. However, the convenience and safety associated with this style of payment option is something that suits many players, so it is an option to consider.

Other payment methods used for online gambling

While credit card, online wallets, and pre-paid card options will be more than suitable for the vast majority of online gamers, it is always good to have other options at your disposal. There will always be some people who are looking for something else or who want an option that is more in tune with their life or financial outlook. Not every online gaming site is going to provide other deposit options but there are some options to consider and these are becoming more popular and common as we move forward.


Bank Transfer

While the Bitcoin option is seen as one of the most modern deposit options, you’ll find that the bank transfer option is one of the most traditional ways to move money from your account to another account. This means that many people are comfortable with a bank transfer and when it comes to depositing money into an online gaming account, this should be an instant process. This means that there is no delay when it comes to placing money into your online account.

The convenience and familiarity associated with bank transfer payments ensure that many people will choose this option when looking to place money into their online gaming account.

Country specific payment methods

Another good thing about modern transactions is that there are many options which are specific to certain countries. There are many reasons why people would opt to use this style of option. There are some people who are patriotic and like to support the methods that are being championed in their countries. On a more practical level, there will be many people who want to use an option that they are confident of working and being accepted, which means that choosing a deposit method that is tailor made for their country is a fantastic way to be confident in their choice.

Some of the most common deposit methods and the country of use include:

  • iDeal – which is used in the Netherlands
  • Mister Cash – which is a common option in Belgium
  • Giropay – which is utilized in Germany
  • Abaqoos – which is an option that is used in Hungary
  • Przelewy24 – an option that is used in Poland
  • Euteller/ Op-Pohjola – these options are used in Finland
  • Sporopay – which is used in Slovakia
  • Nordea Solo – an option utilized in Sweden
  • uPaycard/ Western Union/ Check – all options that are commonly found and used in the United States
  • Boleto/ Todito Cash – these two Latin American options are respectively used in Brazil and Mexico

With respect to the last option, a check, or a cheque in the United Kingdom, is an option that should be provided by many online gaming sites but its popularity is on the wane. While a cheque used to be a very common way to transfer funds, it is not an option that has prospered in the digital era. This is because a cheque is a physical format, and it has to be sent to the online casino, sportsbook or gaming site. This creates a delay in placing funds into an account, something which many players are looking to avoid. However, many gaming sites still offer cheques or checks as a way for players to withdraw funds from their account.

With so many deposit options to choose from with online casinos, online poker sites and online sportsbooks, even the most cautious of players should find a financial method they are happy with, so everyone can enjoy online gaming fun.