BonusesWe all love a bonus and when you think about the number of online gambling sites competing against each other, it is understandable that they want to entice people to play on their site. There are a number of ways in which an online poker site, an online casino or an online sportsbook can encourage you to join their site but a welcome offer or a range of bonuses is likely to be the key factor for many people.

There is a very positive feeling associated with getting something for free or gaining a reward, and this is why bonuses are commonly associated with online gambling sites. Bonuses are a brilliant way of enticing people to sign up for a site while they are also a tremendous way to keep people on site and develop a sense of loyalty amongst players. You’ll find that a welcome bonus is far more common than bonuses for new players, which indicates the main focus for gambling sites is bringing new players in, but over time, more and more sites are recognizing the importance of keeping players coming back for more.

A welcome bonus

No matter if you are signing up for an online casino site, an online sports site or even an online poker site, it is likely that you will find that there is a welcome bonus on offer. The most common form of welcome bonus is the matched deposit bonus, and the most common matched deposit bonus is the 100% matched deposit bonus. This is a very simple and straightforward bonus, with the player’s initial deposit being matched by the gambling site with a bonus of this amount.

As an example, a player depositing $50 into their account when they sign up will find that a 100% matched deposit bonus sees them receiving a $50 bonus from the site. This means that the player will be able to play or bet with $100 in total, comprised of their initial $50 and the $50 bonus.

When it comes to fully enjoying a welcome bonus, there are a number of things that you want to consider. Firstly, there is likely to be a capped limit on the bonus that you can receive. Say an online casino limited their 100% matched deposit bonus to a value of $60, this is the maximum bonus you will receive, regardless of how much money you deposit. If you deposited $100 in your initial deposit, you would only receive a bonus of $60, so not the full 100% matched deposit bonus.

An issue that some players have with the welcome bonus, and this is an issue that is being considered by regulatory bodies, is the terms and conditions associated with welcome bonuses. The vast majority of providers insist that the welcome bonus has to be turned over (played) on many occasions, sometimes as many as 20 or 30 times, in a limited time-frame, before the money can be withdrawn as winnings. Obviously the more times a person bets or plays, the more likely it is that they will lose, which means that it is often very difficult for people to collect their winnings. There may be a change in the terms and conditions associated with these welcome bonuses in the future but for now, it is advised that all players understand the terms and conditions associated with their bonuses.

Deposit bonuses

A number of sites are now looking to reward players for making deposits, and there are bonuses or top-ups available for people who deposit into their account. There are many different ways that this is organized, with some sites offering bonuses for depositing a certain amount while other sites offer a bonus for depositing on a specific day of the week. Whatever site you are on, be sure to look at the deposit bonuses on offer because this is an effective way of providing yourself with more bankroll to play with.

While the welcome bonus is associated with all manner of online gambling sites, each strand of online gambling site has a number of bonuses and deals that are associated with themselves.

Online casino bonuses

There are a plethora of bonuses associated with online casinos, and you’ll find that playing regularly on these sites should see you pick up a number of benefits and bonuses.

Free slots spins

In addition to a welcome bonus, many casino sites provide new players with free slots spins. This is an effective way of encouraging players to try out the slot machines, particularly if the player hasn’t tried this style of gambling before.

Comp points

Online casinos have a system of Comp Points or Loyalty Points which encourage players to keep depositing and playing. The more money you spend on the site and the more games you play, the more benefits or features you receive on site. If you are going to be a casino player that plays regularly, it makes sense to look at the Comp Points on offer because choosing a site that rewards you for regular play will see you get a lot in return.

Cash back

A number of online casino sites will offer cash back bonuses on certain games which mean that if you play these games and lose, you’ll receive a portion of your stake back, which can help to minimize your losses.

The kind of bonuses offered at online sports betting sites

When it comes to online sportsbooks, the bonuses are a lot simpler and commonly based on free bets.

Free bets

There are many ways for an online sportsbook to provide their players with a free bet. Some sites offer all of their players a free bet, sometimes the free bet is for players who have made deposits or you will find an increasing number of sites offering free bets when players bet on a specific game, event or outcome.

Money back offer as a free bet

A very popular free bet offer is the money back offer if a stated bet fails to come up.

Free bet if an accumulator bet loses

A deal that more and more online sportsbooks are offering these days is a free bet if an accumulator bet fails by one. If you have a five-game accumulator and one team or match lets you down, it is common to get your money back in the form of a free bet.

Enhanced odds

A bonus that an increasing number of sites are offering these days is enhanced odds on a certain event, which is commonly only made available to new players but some sites offer enhanced odds to all players. This style of bonus is usually based upon offering very attractive odds on an outcome that is likely to happen, such as a football match having a foul or corner in it. This style of bet will usually have a limit, say $10, on how much can actually be bet on it.

Bonus options offered to poker players

Of the three main online gambling options, you will find that online poker is the one that is most lacking in bonuses.

Free spins or chips

Some sites will provide their players with additional chips when signing up or if the poker site also offers slots, they will provide players with free spins to try this aspect of their site.

Freeroll event entry

A freeroll event is a great way for players to play for big money and hone their skills without actually spending any of their own cash. You’ll find that a number of online poker sites provide this style of bonus, which could potentially lead to a player earning a lot of money for no initial outlay but the majority of players will just benefit from free entry to the tournament.

Whatever type of online gambling site you play on, you should always look out for benefits and bonuses as this should enhance the enjoyment and utility you get from a site. With different poker sites providing a different range of benefits and bonuses to choose from, be sure to review your options and find the site that is best for your needs. No matter what you consider to be an attractive bonus, there will be something that is right for you and we are here to help you find the best option for your needs.